Uninterruptible power supply with fuel cells

Fuel cell systems are available today in a variety of sizes and power ranges. Large modules of interconnected cells achieve high output levels and so-called micro fuel cells can be made within a few cubic centimetres. They reach a significantly higher energy density than normal alkaline batteries. As varied as their sizes are, so too are the potential fields of application – and above all their environmentally-conserving characteristics are effective on any scale.

Clean Power Net
The Clean Power Net (CPN) strategic partnership was established in August 2011. Consisting of 20 industrial enterprises and research institutions, the group signed a memorandum of understanding concerning the market preparation of fuel cells for deployment in uninterruptible power supply systems. The objective is to establish and strengthen the networks between relevant users and systems manufacturers in the sector and jointly develop the power supply system market using fuel cell technology.
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Das Projekt BOS
An area of application of micro systems is the digital police radio (BOS). In Lower Saxony, fuel cells will be used in selected base stations from 2012, which are hard to reach in exceptional weather situations (due to snow, flood or storm damages). They act as bridges during prolonged power failures thus guaranteeing operational security in the current radio network. Highly environmentally-friendly operating conditions and an up to 72-hour bridging period make the emergency power systems attractive for practical application.